Our Top 10 Rental Home Amenities

Our Top 10 Rental Home Amenities

At Kong Management Group, our motto is “Stay. Live. Experience.” We believe that the amenities at your rental property make up a vital part of your overall experience! As a family-owned and operated business, it’s our goal that your rental feels like home, regardless of the length of your lease. We’re committed to providing the best possible amenities for our renters, and here’s the list of our top 10:

1. Free Wi-Fi

With cell phone use ever-increasing and many people working from home, a strong Wi-Fi connection is a must! That’s why Kong Management Group invests in networking to offer free, fast Wi-Fi at all of our properties, which range from single-family vacation homes to longer-term rental homes and RV parks. With online resources for renters available on our website like rent payment, maintenance requests, and rental applications, we want everyone to have easy access to Wi-Fi!

2. Flexible Pet Policies

Your pet is part of your family, and it’s our goal that every single member of your family has an exceptional rental experience. Our pet-friendly rental homes provide plenty of space for your four-legged friends and many also have fenced backyards. Kong Management Group requires a pet deposit when you book your rental. We also make reasonable accommodation to allow pets who serve as assistance animals, which includes animals who provide emotional support.

3. Air Conditioning

Did you know that air conditioning was invented in Florida? With good reason! Not only does having air conditioning keep your rental home cool and comfortable, but it also helps reduce mold caused by the humidity. All Kong Management Group properties feature air conditioning – and many also have ceiling fans for extra air circulation!

4. Appliances 

Who doesn’t love the convenience of a dishwasher or washing machine at your rental? All of our single-family homes offer in-unit appliances, and our mobile home/RV communities offer laundry facilities on site!

5. Furniture (for Vacation Home Rentals)

Kong Vacation Homes takes it one step further, by providing fully furnished homes for renters. Each home is professionally designed with your comfort in mind, featuring cozy bedrooms with fresh sheets, large couches, spotless bathrooms with clean towels, spacious dining areas, and fully equipped kitchens! Homes are fully sanitized after every booking, with extra attention given to high-touch areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

To create the experience of a “home away from home” during your vacation, Kong Vacation Homes thinks of all the details, including a custom-curated welcome box by GuestBox and additional amenities, like Smart TVs and Keurig coffee machines!

6. Outdoor Spaces

Renters are also looking for porches, patios, and pools at potential properties, and Kong Management Group delivers! We know that our renters appreciate well-maintained green spaces and additional outdoor amenities like BBQ areas and gardens. Our single-family homes are beautifully landscaped, and our multi-family properties boast welcoming communities, well-lit streets, and clean facilities.

7. Security

Renters should feel safe in their homes, making home safety and security among Kong Management Groups’ top priorities. All Kong Vacation Homes feature Vivint Smart Home Security Systems, which include a control panel with a state-of-the-art color touchscreen, wireless security sensors that provide home security protection, and optional peripheral network devices, such as door locks, video cameras, thermostats, and outlet modules for added safety.

At our mobile home/RV parks in Zephyrhills, Kong Management Group worked hand-in-hand with the city and local utility company to install security lighting throughout the properties for enhanced resident safety. We also encourage neighborhood watch programs in our communities and recommend that all of our residents participate when possible.

 8. Smart Homes

Smart home features in rentals have been a growing trend, with more and more people interested in these state-of-the-art amenities. For Kong Management Group, investing in automation technology is an investment in the renter experience, since it helps to create a more convenient and secure environment. In fact, all Kong Vacation Homes are also smart homes, with automatic systems to control lighting, climate, entertainment, and security.

9. Dedicated Property Management Staff

As a family-owned and operated business, we want each one of our renters to feel like part of the family. We take pride in our customer service, and every Kong Management Group team member is personally committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our renters. Whether you’re renting for a weekend or the long-term, we hope you feel welcomed. We also hope that you will be part of our social media community – and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @kongmanagmentgroup, too!

10. Location, Location, Location

Where your rental is located is another important amenity! If you are looking for a rental in West Central or South Florida, you’ll find Kong Management Group properties near major cities and popular destinations. We manage manages a portfolio of rental properties in Hillsborough County (Tampa Bay), Pasco County (Zephyrhills), and Broward County (Hallandale Beach).

Which of these amenities is the most important to you when considering a rental? From sought-after amenities to friendly management staff, we’re here to make your rental experience exceptional! For more information about our available rental homes, contact us at 866-499-9026 or info@kongmg.com.

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