How to Be a Better Neighbor

How to Be a Better Neighbor

Having a sense of community is so important, especially since more and more things have gone virtual in recent years. Social media and online events can sometimes make you feel removed from your community. The good news is that being neighborly can help you get reconnected. Kong Management Group’s multi-family properties have earned the reputation for being tight-knit, caring communities – and we’re very proud of that! Whether you need to borrow a cup of sugar or want to share a cup of coffee, here are our top six tips to be a better neighbor:

  1. Say Hello!

Introduce yourself to your neighbors and be cordial when you see them. Sometimes it only takes a quick acknowledgment, like a smile or a wave, to make someone’s day! Also welcome new people into the community when they move in, making sure they know your neighborhood is a safe and friendly place!

  1. Be Considerate

The number one complaint in most neighborhoods is noise. If your community has “Quiet Hours,” be sure to respect them. Don’t play loud music at night, and always bring barking dogs inside.

Also, if you are having an issue with one of your neighbors, be considerate when you approach them about it. Avoid notes on the door and instead talk about the problem in a calm, courteous way. The key here is to remember the “Golden Rule” and treat your neighbor how you’d like to be treated – with politeness and understanding!

If you’re a resident at a Kong Management Group property, you can also reach out to us with any issues, and we can help you resolve them amicably.

  1. Keep It Neat

Good neighbors also take care of their homes, helping to keep up the curb appeal of the entire neighborhood. Pick up trash and throw it away, keep your yard orderly, and make sure to follow community rules.

  1. Be Kind on Social Media

Most communities have Facebook pages these days (click here for ours), and they are a great resource for you. Online community groups can allow you to get to know your neighbors and get recommendations from them. But there’s also a negative side to social media, especially when people use it as a place to complain about their neighbors. We hope that you follow our social media pages to keep up to date with community news but keep the drama offline. It’s always better to talk with a neighbor face-to-face than to be a keyboard warrior.

  1. Practice Good “Pet-iquette”

We love pets, but we don’t love the mess that they sometimes leave behind! If you take your pet on a neighborhood walk, make sure to always pick up after them. Also, keep your pets leashed when outdoors and always attended. A happy pet is a good neighbor, too!

  1. Be Kind

Small gestures can have a big impact in fostering a strong sense of community. Treating your neighbors – and property managers – with kindness and respect is a great start to creating a more enjoyable place to live. Lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need, and trust that the kindness will be returned!

If you live at one of Kong Management Group’s properties, we hope you take pride in your community, because we certainly do! From maintenance to security, our goal is to ensure a great rental experience for you. Our ever-expanding portfolio includes properties in Hillsborough County (Tampa Bay), Pasco County (Zephyrhills), and Broward County (Hallandale Beach), including single-family homes, townhouses, condos, recreational vehicle / mobile home parks, and tiny home communities.

If you have other ideas about how to be a good neighbor, let us know! You can contact us at, 866-499-9026, or @kongmangementgroup on social media – and we love to hear from you!

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